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Welcome to Seniors Money International

A World Leader in Home Equity Release

Seniors Money International is a specialist international financial services group providing the lifetime mortgage (sometimes called reverse mortgage) version of Home Equity Release, helping those in their retirement years to release the value they have built up in their home without having to move from it, relinquish ownership of it or worry about having to make regular repayments.

Over the past 10 years Seniors Money International has created market-leading lifetime mortgage businesses across the globe - New Zealand and Australia in Australasia and Ireland and Spain in Europe.  We have also participated in the creation of lifetime mortgage buinesses in Canada, South Africa and Israel. 

Along the way we have gained unrivalled experience in pioneering the introduction of lifetime mortgages in new markets, and doing so to global-leading standards of fairness and customer serivce.  A testament to our success has been the acquisition of our New Zealand and Australian businesses by Heartland Bank of New Zealand in April 2014.

A variable rate Seniors Money Lifetime Loan gives enormous flexibility in terms of drawdown options and repayment decisions:

  • Borrow as little as you need right now (and come back for more later if needed).
  • No penalties for repaying early.
  • Never owe more than the net value of your property.

For more information on the Seniors Money Lifetime Loan and an example of how we offer it, visit the Seniors Money Ireland website: