Seniors Money


Home Equity Release

A comfortable lifestyle in retirement

Traditionally, retirement has been a time in life when many people face a more restricted financial reality and even a significant reduction in the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed. Options have been limited to:

  • Downsizing the home: Selling the family home and trading down to release equity - not an option that suits everybody.

  • Sharing the home: Renting out part of the home or taking in a lodger - again, not for everybody.

  • Relying on family: Financial support from family - many people cannot rely on this or simply do not want it.

Home Equity Release is an alternative to these traditional options and offers a very practical solution. It gives people access to the value they have built up in their home for their own use in their retirement years.

Home Equity Release is an appropriate option for many looking to maintain or create a comfortable lifestyle or to meet an unexpected financial need.

Seniors Money International offers the lifetime mortgage form of Home Equity Release.